Does it look natural?

Absolutely! Our hair replacement systems are tailored to fit you perfectly. Along with excellent colour matching, a carefully designed hairline, and the correct density of hair, a professional haircut will ensure your hairpiece blends in seamlessly.

Will it stay on securely?

The hairpiece is closely fitted to the natural shape of your head. Even with a small amount of double-sided tape, you can rest assured your hair replacement system will stay in place.

Can I exercise, or swim?

You can exercise and go swimming as normal. However, sweating will break up the adhesive faster, so you will need to replace your glue or tape more often.

Can I wash my hairpiece in the shower? Or do I need to remove it every time?

Yes, you can wash your hair replacement system in the shower! You will not need to wash it as often as you would wash your natural hair. Please note, washing less often extends the life of the hairpiece. You should always use a conditioner after shampooing your hairpiece.

How long does the hair replacement system last?

Your hairpiece can last anywhere from two months to two years, depending on your chosen hair density, base type, and maintenance. Taking proper care of your hairpiece will extend its longevity. and your stylist can advise you on how to do so.The adhesive for your hairpiece can last from two days to one and a half months. This depends on which double-sided tape or glue you use. Your skin’s pH, the natural oiliness or dryness of your scalp, and your lifestyle will all affect how often your hairpiece will need to be reapplied.

Can I re-apply it at home?

You can re-apply your  toupee by bonding it with a double-sided tape. Using ultra hold tape will give you an average of 10 days of wear.