I will talk about the physical experience of wearing a hairpiece later on, but first, let’s talk about the psychological experience. In my experience as a professional hair artist, wearing a hairpiece can really boost your confidence as well as improve your overall look. In some cases, though, it can be a little stressful! Before you have your hair system fitted, you should know that most people do not even know that they exist! A good quality hairpiece with professional fitting is extremely unlikely to be noticed at all. You will need to maintain your hairpiece with the proper aftercare and styling. But, if you take good care of it, you will not need to worry about it being noticed when you are out and about. Some first-time clients worry about their hairpiece being spotted. You might receive some compliments, or comments that your look has changed. Please try not to stress over this! If you feel the need to deflect, you could always reply that you have had a haircut, or are just trying something new with your hair colour. Even if someone comments on your new look, it doesn’t mean they have noticed your hairpiece!